E275 Autotypography

Photography of the binding of Autotypography.

Autotypography : or art of nature printing / [Henry Bradbury].

London (Whitefriars) : Bradbury and Evans, 1860. Printed for special circulation. 68p. ; 14x9cm

This rather insignificant-looking little book gave us quite a surprise. We received a question about a different book by Henry Bradbury, and responded mentioning that we had this one. The requester emailed back to say that he had been looking for a copy for 20 years! The British Library’s copy appears to have been destroyed in World War II, and we are not so far aware of another source.

Unfortunately we don’t have any examples of the nature prints themselves, but you can see some images in Google Images.  For brief information about Henry Bradbury and his allegedly dubious attitude to intellectual property see the Wikipedia article at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Bradbury .

Title page of "Autotypography".